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Price PLN7.00

DERVIT – dietary supplement

  • supports strenghtening of the hair, skin and nails,
  • supports collagen production for the proper functioning of skin.
Biotin 2,5 mg - 60 tablets
Price PLN9.90

BIOTIN – dietary supplement helps to maintain healthy skin and healthy hair.

Prostawen - 60 capsules
Price PLN21.90

PROSTAWEN - dietary supplement supports the proper functioning of the prostate

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Chitosan + chromium - 120 capsules
Regular price PLN39.00 Price PLN35.00

CHITOSAN + chromium - a dietary supplement supporting slimming.

Glucomannan - 90 capsules
Price PLN18.90

GLUCOMANNAN - a dietary supplement for slimming.

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SaccharoBiotic 250 - 10 capsules
Regular price PLN11.90 Price PLN9.90

SACCHAROBIOTIC 250 – a dietary supplement containing probiotic yeast used for antibiotic therapy and traveler's diarrhea.

Melatonin 1 mg - 90 tablets
Price PLN7.00

MELATONIN – a dietary supplement regulating the circadian rhythm.

Sennio Forte with melatonin – 30 capsules
Price PLN11.00

SENNIO forte with melatonin - a dietary supplement helping to fall asleep.

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Flexi Hyal Forte - 20 sachets
Regular price PLN27.00 Price PLN19.00

FLEXI HYAL FORTE - dietary supplement for joints mobility.

SylimaVit - 30 capsules
Price PLN8.50

SylimaVit  - 100 mg of SYLIMARIN – protects the liver, supports digestion and detoxification.

Vitamin B Complex - 60 tablets
Price PLN7.00

Vitamin B Complex – dietary supplement.