Dervit Beauty - 30 sachets


Dervit Beauty dietary supplement 30 sachets contains ingredients that help support our natural collagen production cycle.


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Dervit beauty kolagen aminokwasy

Anti-aging care from the inside1

2 The skin consists mainly of collagen and elastin, thanks to which it maintains its density, firmness and elasticity. Amino acids are the building blocks of these proteins. Unfortunately, after the age of 25, the physiological aging process begins and the amount of collagen in the skin decreases. This process is intensified by external and internal factors to which we are exposed throughout our lives. Anti-aging measures, such as a balanced diet and beauty treatments, should be implemented after the age of 25.

 The Dervit Beauty product, enriched with the clinically tested DERMAVAL™ mixture, hyaluronic acid, supplements the diet with ingredients necessary for the collagen synthesis process: vitamin C and amino acids that are the building blocks of collagen.

 1 Vitamin C helps in the proper production of collagen to ensure the proper functioning of the skin and contributes to the protection of cellular components against oxidative damage.

is a complex rich in antioxidants consisting of nine plant extracts and concentrates:

  •     pomegranate fruit,
  •     asparagus shoots,
  •     edible musk fruit,
  •     arabica coffee fruit,
  •     flowers of the Japanese pearl beetle
  •     acerola fruit,
  •     Camu Camu berries,
  •     acai berries,
  •     mangosteen fruit

that help support our natural collagen production cycle.

3 4 Clinical trial results show that a single 50 mg dose of Dermaval significantly reduces serum levels of elastase and collagenase enzymes (two pro-inflammatory enzymes that influence collagen degradation), even though it was administered shortly before consuming 75 g of glucose.

AminoDerm7 - a complex of 7 amino acids, including 3 key ones for the structure of skin and hair. L-glycine, L-proline, L-lysine stimulate fibroblasts to produce collagen, L-leucine and hyaluronic acid ensure optimal skin hydration.

Dervit Beauty ingredients. Diet supplement. Contains a sweetener. Contains caffeine; use is not recommended for children and pregnant women (caffeine content in the recommended daily dose: max. 0.045 mg). Ingredients: Amino Derm7 (L-glycine, L-proline, L-arginine, L-lysine hydrochloride, L-leucine, L-alanine, L-valine), acidity regulator - citric acid, acerola fruit juice concentrate powder (Malpighia glabra L.) (standardized to 34% vitamin C), dehydrated red beetroot juice concentrate (Beta vulgaris), multi-fruit aroma, Dermaval™ herbal-fruit mixture * [pomegranate fruit extract (Punica imprezaum L.), asparagus shoot concentrate in powder (Asparagus officinalis L.), powdered butternut squash fruit concentrate (Abelmoschus esculentus), coffee beans extract (Coffea arabica), quercetin - Japanese pearl beetle flower extract (Sophora japonica L.), powdered acerola fruit juice concentrate ( Malpighia glabra L.), Camu Camu berry juice concentrate (Myrciaria dubia), maltodextrin, Acai berry fruit concentrate (Euterpe oleracea mart), mangosteen fruit concentrate (Garcinia mangostana)], hyaluronic acid, antioxidant - ascorbic acid, sweetener - sucralose.

Recommended daily dose necessary to obtain a beneficial effect: 1 sachet.

How to use: Pour the contents of 1 sachet into 100 ml (half a glass) of cool or warm (non-boiling) water and mix. Drink immediately after preparation. Warnings: Do not use in people who are predisposed to the formation of kidney stones or suffer from kidney stones. Contains caffeine; use in children and pregnant women is not recommended.  Do not consume with other products containing caffeine or other ingredients with a similar effect. The product is not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with individual intolerance to any of the product's ingredients. A dietary supplement cannot be used as a replacement for a varied diet. A varied diet and a healthy lifestyle are important to maintain good health. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.


*The Dermaval™ trademark is the property of VDF FutureCeuticals

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